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Front suspension

Front suspension system for electric scooters, electric bicycles, shock absorbers and suspension replacement parts from various brands. We are specialists in modifications and improvements for electric vehicles. In this section you will find suspensions for Xiaomi, Ninebot, Segway, Kaabo, Vsett, Dualtron electric scooters or similar models.

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Segway Max G2

Ninebot Max G30P G30E G30D G30DII G30LD

Ninebot Max G30LP G30LE G30LEII

Segway D18, D28, D38 D40

Segway F20 F25 F30 F45 F65

Segway F2, F2 Plus, F2 Pro

Segway P65, seriya P100

Segway GT1, GT1

Segway GT2

Xiaomi M365 1S Essential

Xiaomi Pro2, Xiaomi Pro

Xiaomi Mi 3 Scooter, Mi3 Lite

Xiaomi Mi4, Mi4 lite

Xiaomi 4 Pro

Xiaomi Scooter 4 Ultra

Urban Glide model 100, 100S, 100XS

Urban Glide 100Max, 100Pro

Hiboy S2, S2 Pro

Hiboy KS4, KS4 Pro

Hiboy S2, S2 Max

Vivobike S2, S2 Max

Vibobike S4, S4S

Vibobike S3, S3Max

Vibobike V25, V30

Vibobike M-V35, M-V40

Hover-1 Journey

Hover-1 Journey 2.0

Hover-1 Journey Max

SmartGyro Z-One

Smartgyro Ziro 2

SmartGyro Z-Pro, Ziro Pro

Kingsong Ks-X1

Kingsong Ks-X1 Pro

Kingsong Ks-X1 Max

Huffy H300, ZX5, ZX3, H350

Isinwheel S9, S9 Pro

Isinwheel S9Max

Honey Whale S2

Honey Whale E12

Honey Whale E9 Pro

Aovo Pro Es80

Aovo Pro 365 Go

Aovo Pro ESMax

Iezway EZ6

Iezway E-600 Max

Levy Plus+

Levy Original

Iscooter i9

Iscooter i9 Max

Jetson Quest Folding

Jetson Quest Knight

SmartKick X7G2

SmartKick X8Plus G2

Flyebike H-1

Flyebike H-Max

Daewoo D22

Daewoo D44

Eskut KS-350

Red Bull Racing Class

Xiaomi Mercedes Benz

Turboant Max

Turboant X7Pro

Porovo Max

Porovo Lifestyle

Kugoo Kirin M3

Slide Fox P1X

Phico MSMpanem1p

Populo Kick Scooter

Gyroor X8

Veio ES5

Lyn Scooter

Suspensions for electric vehicles, scooters, bicycles, etc.

Front and rear suspension systems for electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and more...


Suspensions for electric vehicles, scooters, bicycles, etc.

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